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Trackcover.com are pleased to be able to offer essential personal insurance cover for Motor Track Days (amateur not competitive) whether it is in Europe or anywhere else in the world. Cover is available to UK Nationals only, and at extremely competitive premiums. Track days are massive fun for novices and experts alike, and we at Trackcover.com are sure you will enjoy your Track Days all the more, safe in the knowledge that you have cover should the unthinkable happen.

Trackcover insurance is something you need to consider purchasing if you are planning on taking your bike, or car, on a track day in Europe or even in the UK.

When you are on the track things do not always go to plan with Trackcover insurance you are covered for unfortunate accidents whilst you are riding at a track day event. Trackcover policy also covers the cost of bringing you home after an accident if deemed necessary.

Note: Under this policy, Trackcover does not offer any cover for any damage caused to the bike.

For further information, please call on:
02392 419838 and quote COV2086


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Trackcover.com P J Hayman & Company, Stanstead House, Rowlands Castle, PO9 6DX

For further information, please call on:
02392 419838 and quote COV2086

Track Days

Track days are a huge amount of fun for both novice and expert alike. You can gain confidence and learn a lot about bike control & riding techniques within a short space of time, all in a safe environment without the worry of traffic, diesel spills, and all the other hazards that you encounter on the road.